Student Wellbeing

 At Columba we believe that everyone should be treated respectfully, every person needs to feel safe and secure in an environment that supports their learning, personal growth and positive self-esteem.

Successful learning is dependent on the quality of human relationships within the school community and therefore at Columba we:

  • Maintain positive, tolerant and respectful relationships where students take responsibility for their behaviour
  • Maintain a safe, positive and caring school environment
  • Have a dedicated staff who consider the needs of the students first and foremost
  • Create a culture where mutual responsibility is taken by students, staff, parents for achieving a high standard of learning and student wellbeing
  • Build positive relationships between teachers, students and parents
  • Ensure that the rights and responsibilities of all community members are known, respected and protected (see the Columba Code)
  • Have clear expectations for student behaviour
  • Create stimulating and effective learning environments
  • Use co-operative and restorative approaches to resolving conflict
  • Maintain a whole-school approach to wellbeing, discipline & pastoral care
  • Celebrate and value the individual interests and abilities of each student