Parent Code Of Conduct

Parents play a crucial role in the education, social and faith development of their children. At Columba we have a fantastic body of parents who are involved in all aspects of school life. As a result, we have obtained a very high standard of education and civic responsibility in our students and this is highly valued by all members of our community.


The Parent Code of Conduct has been developed by parent groups and staff to clearly articulate the expectations and aspirations for our school community.

The Code highlights the importance of the partnership between school staff and community members for the benefit of the students at school and reflects the school’s mission and vision.

The Code recognizes and respects the diversity of individuals in a learning community and emphasises the importance of the role parents have as educators.
As Parents:

We Are All Individuals:

  • We accept that others may have different views, opinions & values.
  • We foster individual talents and accept differences in children.
  • We maintain confidentiality when dealing with issues related to other people’s children
  • We accept and abide by decisions made by the staff as being professional, discrete and based on the best interests of all parties.
  • We encourage our children to accept responsibility for their own mistakes and encourage them to be learning risk-takers
  • We use appropriate channels and protocols to discuss concerns relating to children as set out in the Anti-bullying and Discipline Policy.

We value Teamwork:

  • We accept that we have a major role to play in the education of our children
  • We value staff as professionals and recognize the strong partnership between home and school
  • We are active members of the school by attending Parent/Teacher Meetings and major school events including the School Fete
  • We celebrate the educational successes of all students
  • We maintain regular communication through school & reading diaries, by reading the school newsletter and initiating conversations with staff.
  • We Are Responsible citizens:
  • We value the Catholic ethos of the school and demonstrate our commitment to Catholic Education
  • We treat all other community members with dignity and respect
  • We set an appropriate example in matters of language and behaviour when at school
  • We ensure regular and punctual attendance of our children at school
  • We ensure that our children are well nourished and well rested to maximize learning potential
  • We encourage community involvement for our children

We Aim/We Achieve:

  • We uphold the high expectations of the school community as outlined in the Columba Code
  • We accept that we have a leadership role within the school especially as learning role-models and through parent groups
  • We show and encourage a passion for learning
  • We accept and embrace educational initiatives provided by the school
  • We actively support Home Learning initiatives including cyber-safety protocols