Numeracy starts from a desire to explain the real world. It is a creative subject in which ideas can be generated, tested and refined. It is used to analyse and communicate information and ideas and to tackle a range of practical tasks and real life problems.
 Numeracy also provides the means for creating new imaginative worlds to explore, and it is through this exploration that new mathematics is created and current ideas are modified and extended.

Through Numeracy in our school we aim to develop:

  •  a fascination and enjoyment of mathematics as a subject in which all students can achieve and be successful
  •  the students’ abilities to use and apply Numeracy effectively in everyday situations, using specific mathematical vocabulary
  •  an ability for students to communicate their ideas both orally and in written form
  •  independent, as well as co-operative, ways of working, encouraging students to explore ideas and activities in a variety of group settings
  •  the students ability to recall number facts quickly and accurately and use appropriate mental and/or written calculation strategies
  •  the confidence of our students and their ability to apply their mathematical knowledge and skills in a variety of challenging real life situations
  •  students’ logical thinking, reasoning and ability to problem solve as transferable life skills
  •  the students awareness of Numeracy as a powerful tool that has applications both inside and outside of the classroom