At Columba Catholic Primary School we believe that language is the key to access learning, experience success in later education and in everyday life. Therefore, Literacy is a school priority. Because active and effective participation in society depends on the ability to speak, listen, read, view and write with confidence, purpose and enjoyment. Through language use, students convey and discover information, work through ideas and express feelings. Through literacy students learn how language works and how to use it effectively for learning.


At Columba we believe students learn language when:   


  •  Tightly focused, data-informed and systematic learning experiences are provided.
  •  They are expected to use language flexibly, imaginatively and communicate effectively.
  •  They are allowed to use approximations in their early attempts at language. In primary school, this will apply particularly to their developing writing skills.
  • They are given opportunity daily, to use whole range of language skills.
  •  They are actively engaged in the learning situation and teachers constantly monitor this engagement.
  •  Teachers are active, enthusiastic role-models.
  •  Teachers use a variety of strategies to support preferred and non-preferred learning modes.
  •  They are encouraged to take risks and solve problems.
  •  Language experience is incorporated and enriched within the school’s Integrated Curriculum topics.